Rina Lang


The Energetic Secrets To Up Your Intelligence And Get Ahead Of The Game

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What others say...

"I wholeheartedly recommend Rina Lang as a Mind and Brain Power Coach. Rina's expertise in upgrading the mind and brain is truly invaluable. I had the pleasure of working with her, and the transformative results were beyond my expectations. Rina's personalized insights, effective techniques, and comprehensive approach helped me overcome challenges and achieve my goals with ease. Her dedication and support are unmatched, and I'm grateful for the positive impact she's had on my life. If you're seeking to unlock your true intellectual potential, Rina is the coach you need."

Chantal Cox


Rina is the difference between falling off the wagon again and finally getting the RESULTS YOU WANT. The difference between feeling alone and feeling supported. The best gift you could ever give your body, mind, brain, heart & soul. Rina is a master of habit change and a student of life. She will hold your hand through healing without making you feel small. Rina helps you feed the opportunities and starve the problems. She will slow you down to the speed of life. Rina has shown me how to solve my problems by loosening my grip. And Rina is willing to say to me what most people won't. Rina helps me build healthy habits that align with how I want to feel every day. Rina IS a revolutionary leader who grows and procreates well-being. Bottom line, Rina is the best investment you could make in yourself, and it lasts a lifetime.

Alix Rifael


"Working with Rina helped me so much. I got so much value out of just her free session, I KNEW I had to work with her. I had been struggling in my business, and as a single mom, I was freaking out about finances, which of course led to attracting more of that experience.

After our first clearing session, I got surprise news and received an IRS refund for $3,600 which I was not expecting at all because the year before, I had only received around $1,000.

She provided me so many valuable resources and gave me the tools I need to continue to clear blocks and remove stories that were no longer serving me so that I could improve my relationship with money."

Brittany Price


"Rina Lang coached me for several weeks. I recommend her highly. I was having issues with low energy, overwhelm and feeling stuck in my career. She provided many useful resources. I am excited that I now have momentum and success in my own coaching career. I feel more energy and peace."

Jessica Jones


"Rina is an incredible coach! I am so grateful to have met her! I loved working with her and the effect of each session was noticeable, powerful, long-lasting. She is an amazing healer as well as a life coach combining the best of both worlds based on your current needs. Her insight was always extremely valuable, and her intuitive gifts are through the roof! I cannot recommend her enough :)"

Katya Martynova


"Rina has been a tremendous help to me in my personal and professional growth journey. She is a Brain Power Coach who has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in various industries, including business and education. Her guidance and support have helped me to take my consciousness and healing power to the next level, and I am grateful for her help.

Working with Rina has been a truly enjoyable experience. She has helped me understand other modalities, like various activation tools and techniques, and shown me how to work with them to improve my consciousness further. I plan to continue working with her and would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking personal and professional growth."

Eda Hardy